M-Pro 7 Products Review – First Impressions

Back when I first started shooting, I did what almost everyone did at the time and cleaned all my guns with what was probably the most well known products in gun cleaning, good ol’ Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent and Hoppe’s Lubricating Oil. I can still remember the unique, almost sweet smell of the solvent to this day, even though I haven’t cracked open a jar of it in well over a decade. I still have a jar of it that’s well over 20 years old around here somewhere.

I can’t really complain too much about Hoppe’s, the solvent always got my bores reasonably clean with a lot of elbow grease and a good portion of patience. The oil was fine too, I never once had a gun develop any visible discoloration or signs of rust or corrosion.

Of course like most people, I wanted to go in search of something that worked faster, and required less effort to get the same or better results. This led me to Birchwood-Casey Bore Scrubber and Birchwood-Casey Sheath. I used these two products from the late 90’s up until just a couple weeks ago. The Bore Scrubber solvent was very effective at removing copper fouling, and about average with carbon fouling. It contains ammonia, which makes it very harsh, and also very strong and unpleasant smelling (Hoppe’s No. 9 Solvent smells sweet like perfume in comparison!) and the odor of the Sheath was quite strong and almost as unpleasant. It’s wise to have good ventilation when using these products to keep from getting overwhelmed by the potentially harmful fumes.

As for the Birchwood-Casey Sheath, that gave me mixed results. It was a mediocre rust preventative that dried up quickly. I found I had to reapply the product monthly to prevent any rust from forming during the humid months. When it started drying out, it got gummy as well, not a great thing for precision machined moving parts with very tight tolerances. It also tended to burn off the rails of my semi-automatic handguns after just a few rounds, so it was vital to keep reapplying it every 10 to 15 shots to prevent galling or else use a different lubricant. What it did do well was protect the metal exteriors of my guns for short term moisture protection, like hunting all day in a light drizzle, where I never once had an issue with it washing off or any problems with rust forming.

Fast forward to a week ago, when I received a box of products I ordered from MidwayUSA. I ordered a total of 3 M-Pro 7 products. M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner, M-Pro 7 Copper Remover, and M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX which is a CLP type of product with an emphasis on it’s lubricating and protection qualities if one goes by the label and the description of the product on their website. They even claim it is excellent for long term storage, though I won’t be able to claim any experience with that for some time to come.

M-Pro 7

If I can find anything at all to complain about these products it would be one thing, which I’m sure is just a fluke. The factory sealed bottle of M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX only felt about half full, it was very “sloshy” inside and didn’t have the heft to it a full bottle should have, so it matched my assumption that I got about 2 oz. worth of product in a 4 oz. bottle. Considering the shipping costs (a little over $9 just to have it shipped to me) to return that bottle and get another one, I just kept the half-filled bottle to use. Yes I’m essentially paying double per oz. by keeping it, but it’s probably cheaper this way than going through the hassle of returning it and waiting for an exchange. I’ll just try to find a place that sells it locally from now on so I can I be sure of what I’m getting. Update: The good folks over at M-Pro 7 graciously offered to send a replacement bottle of Gun Oil LPX. This is excellent customer service on their part, and shows just how dedicated to both their products and their customers they really are; they deserve major kudos for that.

Taking my guns that I had previously cleaned to “white patch” cleanliness, I decided to clean them all over again, without even shooting any of them first. M-Pro 7 products are non-toxic and if they have any sort of odor, I wasn’t able to detect it. The folks at M-Pro 7 recommend using their products in a specific order, and that is exactly what I did.

First I started off with the Gun Cleaner, which I sprayed inside the barrels of my handguns, or applied with a damp patch to long barrel guns. After waiting 5 minutes on each gun, I swabbed the bores out with a clean, dry patch. To my surprise, the patches came out dark grey to black with fouling that the Gun Cleaner had managed to lift. I reapplied a second dose, let it sit another 5 minutes, this time giving the bores a good scrubbing with a bronze bore brush, then patched them out again which netted me not much more than faint traces of discoloration that I assume was some of what came off the bore brush itself. Just to be sure, I tried soaking the bores a 3rd time and patching again, which came out just as pristine white as before they were used. A little scrubbing a nylon scrub brush removed the carbon fouling from the exterior surfaces of the various guns that nothing else had managed to lift for years. Amazing!

Next up I ran the M-Pro 7 Copper Remover through the bores with clean patch dampened with the product. It says to leave it set up to 15 minutes, so I opted for the full 15 minutes. This time clean patching produced only slightly discolored patches from trace amounts of copper fouling that the Birchwood-Casey products had previously missed, and the M-Pro 7 Gun Cleaner hadn’t managed to get. Just to be sure, a second application was in order and yet another 15 minute wait. This time the clean patches came out discolored only the color of the cleaning product itself. One more clean, dry patch to assure all of the product had been removed, and it was time to move on.

The final step is to lightly, and I do mean lightly apply the M-Pro-7 Gun Oil LPX. A couple drops applied to a patch for swabbing the bores with, and then wiped down the rest of the friction points with the damp patch to get them lubricated. This stuff practically seeks out bare metal parts on it’s own. After sitting overnight, the metal on my guns had developed an even and ever so light coat of the LPX product, which I found rather reassuring.

A range session with my first generation Kimber Hi-Cap Polymer/Stainless .45 ACP netted me a huge smile. 100 rounds later and the rails were still slick with lubrication, I am truly ecstatic that the LPX didn’t burn off! A trip home and a cleaning was still in order, though surprisingly the cleaning was noticeably easier. It appeared that the bore of my gun was slightly less fouled than usual. One swabbing with the Gun Cleaner followed by a scrubbing with the bronze brush and then a patch. Then a fresh light coat of LPX and I was done. I didn’t even bother with the Copper Remover this time, since I’m curious to see if I get any copper fouling on a clean patch after a week of the gun sitting with nothing but a light coat of M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX in the bore.

Keep in mind this is my first-impressions review, but so far its looking great. I am excited to see how the products fair with extended use, and especially how the M-Pro 7 Gun Oil LPX holds up to rust and corrosion resistance during an extended outing in one of northern Florida’s hot, drizzly summer days. At this point however, I think its safe to say I found the right products for my needs, thus I don’t see the need to keep looking for the proverbial better mousetrap. I have a hunch it doesn’t get any better than this, and that’s fine by me.


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2 Responses to M-Pro 7 Products Review – First Impressions

  1. Mike Gentry says:

    Thanks very much for your informative review–I, very much, like your style. And, I too, relish the aroma of Hoppe’s No. 9. I’ve always thought it smells great. And, coincidentally, I also have a couple of bottles that are, at least 20+ years old….

    Recently (after years of scrimping and saving and researching), I finally purchased my first AR-15 platform (a 6.5mm Grendel), and even more recently, ordered a set of Dewey Rods with which to clean it. And now, after Googling for the best cleaning solution, I stumbled upon M-Pro 7 as well as your testimonial. I’ve decided to give it a try. The timing and relevancy of your article was most fortuitious. I’ve not fired my new rifle yet (which is hard to believe considering I’ve now had it for just over 2 months), but I guess if it took me years of putting a little away each paycheck as well as various family “rememberances” in birthday cards to finally obtain it, I can, at least, wait until I’ve gotten everything I need to clean it before I “break it in”….

    Am looking forward to reading your other blog items. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there, and best wishes.

  2. Mike Gentry says:

    Just wanted to thank you for this blog post…. After years of scrimping and saving, I finally purchased my first AR-15 platform (6.5mm Grendel) a couple of months ago. As hard as it might be to believe, I’ve not fired it yet, as I did not have all the necessary cleaning supplies. I’ve since acquired cleaning rods from Dewey, but did not know what cleaning solution to use. After some research, I stumbled upon M-Pro 7 and your testimonial. I must say the timing of your blog was very fortuitous, and I have ordered the same 3 products you did. I am awaiting their arrival as I write this…. I like your writing style and am looking forward to reading your other posts. From what I’ve gleaned from cursory reads, we seem to be of like minds. BTW, I also think Hoppes No. 9 smells great!

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